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Mom. Entrepreneur. Chef.


Depending on the moment, I am wearing one of these hats. Like most women, I juggle a great deal and find fulfillment in all of it. 


I believe that some of life’s greatest moments happen in the kitchen. That realization occurred for me when I was a mere child, and nothing has changed my mind since. 


Cooking is living. 


It’s when my curiosity gains momentum and is met with endless possibilities.


Fresh, healthy ingredients, delicate or robust flavors that enthrall the senses. It is the harmony of flavors that has captivated me ever since I can remember. 


Formal training was an important part of my cooking technique development, yet it’s the instinct in the kitchen that has led me to where I am today. 


Come and join me at my table. Or I’ll come to yours!



Chef Kali

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