What We Offer

"We offer a variety of services ranging from Private Dinners and Catered Events to Left- Behind Meals and Seafood Boils. We try to accommodate every request so your event is exactly as you would like it. The sky is the limit, let us do the work."

The 5 stages of the wine making process, understanding the label, the 5 S's of wine tasting, and a description of each wine, and a gourmet charcuterie board to accompany it!

We offer a variety of cooking lessons from a Sushi Class to learning how to make Jambalaya! You choose how interactive you want the class to be!

Cookies with kids

Seafood Boils

The ultimate wine tasting

Cooking lessons

Not in the mood to cook? Try left-behind meals, have the meals left in your fridge for you to enjoy any time during your stay! You can choose from a variety of home-style cooked meals that heat up nicely and taste even better!


Learn how to brew and taste some of the best coffee and tea has to offer, paired with homemade truffles and pastries.

Tea and Coffee tastings

Brunch in style with a seasonally selected menu, paired with a signature drink of your choice!

Rainy day? Keep the kids entertained by having them bake and decorate their own cookies from scratch! The kids will have a blast while creating lifetime memories for the parents!

Let us stock your fridge for you! Over here, we love Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and local seafood pots. Let us pick up what you need, before you need it.

Grocery stocking

left- behind meals

hors doeuvres

Private Dinners

Looking for something more fun and casual? Try a bunch of hors doeuvres to replace a traditional dinner! You can sample tons of varieties while mingling with friends and loved ones!

How about a fun and relaxing day in the sun? Featuring all your favorites from a checkered table cloth, crackers, and fresh Gulf seafood spilled out onto the center of the table, while you experience all the nuances of a seafood boil from the south!

Dine in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace. Don't bother waiting in line or driving home. You can have the privacy you deserve by having a multiple course meal while still wearing pajamas.. if you would like!

Table Design and set up

Let us make the meal extra special by providing all linens, table clothes, napkins, chargers, place-mats, digital photos of the dinner, candles, floral arrangement and printed menus!